I have created a spreadsheet that has two sheets. I want a unique list to be generated on my 'programming sheet' in the equipment category list, from the 'single exercise list' sheet. However, I want it to ignore blank cells. I tried using the formula:

=UNIQUE(FILTER('single exercise list (working)'!E4:E,'single exercise list (working)'!E4:E <>"")'single exercise list (working)'!E4:E)

Where I am filtering out if e4:e is not equal to zero, but this is returning an error. Is it because of the drop-down list in 'single exercise list' sheet?

I have attached the sheet, D8 is my problem in the programming sheet.

Does anyone have any recommendations?



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Your formula is incorrect, you have an extra range in there.

Try using
=UNIQUE(FILTER('single exercise list (working)'!E4:E,'single exercise list (working)'!E4:E <>"")).
The UNIQUE() formula will automatically reference the result of the FILTER(), no need to add that extra range at the end.

Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any questions, or if this does not work for you.

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