I have a sheet of data that I've been using query functions in. It has worked great so far for single variables, but now I'm trying to make a query from 2 variables, referencing 2 different drop-down lists.
Right now I'm able to filter by category (Clothing type) and by the employee who onboarded separately, but let's say I want to create a query from a specific employee and category. How would I do that? Right now Im using this formula
=query(Brands!A5:L, " select * where J = '"&B2&"' ")
which does exactly what it's supposed to do.

How would I add a 2nd variable to that function?


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If im understanding you correctly, you should just be able to add another selector to the query:

=query(Brands!A5:L, " select * where J = '"&B2&"' and [col] = '"&[cell]&"'")

Replacing [col] and [cell] with the proper references.

Please let me know if you have any issues with this

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