I have two columns in my Sheet, one for the serial numbers and the other for the category.

I want the numbers to be sequential as long as they are in the same category, but if the category changes, I want the numbers to start over for each category.

And I want all of this to be in Arrayformula.

Note: I was able to do the first part, but I could not make it into Arrayformula.


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Assuming that the category names are in column B2:B, put this formula in row 2 of a free column:

=arrayformula( iferror( 1 / countifs( B2:B, B2:B, row(B2:B), "<=" & row(B2:B) ) ^ -1 ) )

  • Thank you vary much .... it work great. thank you again Jul 5 at 14:23

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