I have a sheet with the following setup

A       B      C
ItemID, Type,  Count
0001,   Apple, 8
0002,   Peach, 3
0003,   Apple, 8
0004,   Pear,  2
0005,   Apple, 4

And I would like to produce the following sheet

D      E
Type,  Total
Apple, 20
Peach, 3
Pear,  2

I can generate the unique Type with UNIQUE and generate the first column of the desired output, but I can't quite figure how to get the second.

I have tried SUMIF(C1:C6, B1:B6==D1:D6) but it seems the == does not do an element-wise matching.

How can I get sub-sums of a column based on another columns unique values?

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Use query(), like this:

=query(A1:C, "select B, sum(C) where B is not null group by B", 1)

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