I have a list of invoice numbers in a column. In another sheet I have the same invoice numbers but with items in another column and a third with sold numbers.
I'd like to get this sales data in the first sheet as a stock management. I tried it with double vlookup and iferror but cannot solve the problem.

Sample: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ilGQG5umhHXY483vEiQX2esHCulLytK4uIXfAgNkU8E/edit?usp=sharing


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You can use a single VLOOKUP (in each of B3, E3, H3 etc)


The formulas work by creating 2 "helper columns" like A3:A&B1 and Sheet2!A3:A&Sheet2!B3:B.
We also change cell B1 to E1, H1 etc.

(Do adjust the formulae according to your ranges and locale)

enter image description here

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