I am collecting data from Google Form into a Google Sheet, in a Form Responses Sheet it has a column R that cell value changes (as the form responses can be editable), and the values can be Pending, Approved or Rejected. There is another column Y and this field also changes frequently.

Whenever cell value in col R changes to Approved, I need immediately copy the value of Cell Y to Cell Z.

For e.g. cell R16 Value changed to Approved (via Google Form) the value of cell Y16 at that time must be copied to Z16 only and will not affect the entire column.

Please let me know if it can be done using some Addon or any other simple ways.


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You've asked a VERY narrow, closed question - you're inviting a yes/no answer. So:

  • Yes, it can be done
  • an apps script is the conventional way to do it.
  • trigger the script by using on OnEdit or onChange trigger.

There are many precedents/examples for this script and trigger on WebApps, and StackOverflow and elsewhere on the internet). I can't comment about an add-on (others may know).

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