That is, how to find one-word-titled webpages in Google search results or in YouTube search results. For example, when searching YouTube for the word ‘verb’, I want only videos with the word ‘verb’ as the only word in the title of the video.

Also, how to sort video searches or Google searches by shortest titles to appear first and longer titles of webpages to appear last on the results section?

I have tried searching ‘intitle:verb’ on YouTube, but there are videos with titles that include more that the word ‘verb’, which is not what I am looking for: I want a one-worded video titles. I Googled how to find one-word titles but I was not able to find an answer to such question.


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I believe as of today (25 July 2022), neither Google search, neither YouTube have a way to search for exact titles.

Both services have quite sophisticated search algorithm, but none of them even tries to offer a solution with that level of flexibility.

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