I have a spreadsheet where each row represents a case, and one column (Column E) is a manually-entered date, whereas numerous columns following are based on Column E plus or minus various spans of time (various deadlines).

I've added Column D, which will be manually entered dates not directly related to Column E.

How can I conditionally format Column D so that it changes if the date manually entered is before versus after one of the dates based on Column E (one of the deadlines)?

I have searched for this but I don't seem to have found an answer to this particular issue as far as I understand.


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follow these steps:

  1. select column D
  2. choose conditional formatting from the Format menu
  3. for green (when D is higher than E) enter this custom formula: = D2>E2 and select the GREEN fill color
  4. for red (when D is lower than E) enter this custom formula: = D2<E2 and select the RED fill color

You will get something like this: cond form

test file

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