Is it possible to use an IF statement to output a named cell value from another sheet (in the same doc)?

I have a large sheet with various product prices for my store and so one of the fields is the cost of shipping. At the moment I have a sheet with various values for shipping and each one has the cell with a name - eg. a cell on that sheet (call it "sheet2") has a value of £6.50 and it's called "DPDLocalShipping" and another cell has a value of £10 and is called "DPDLocalShippingBox"

On "sheet1" where all my products are, if I use "=DPDLocal" it outputs the value no problem but I'd like to use a statement in the shipping field that takes a product value and if it's above a certain value, it would either output a shipping cost from DPDLocal or DPDLocalLarge but if I do something like this

=if( J7 > 225, "DPDLocalShippingBox", "DPDLocalShipping")

The value in J7 is the product price.

When I try this formula, it just renders out DPDLocalShipping in the shipping field so obviously something is wrong but I'm not entirely sure what or how to get the £ value to show in that field.



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To refer to named ranges, remove the double quotes in the formula, like this:

=if( J7 > 225, DPDLocalShippingBox, DPDLocalShipping )

  • that's done the job, thank you Commented Jul 27, 2022 at 15:00

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