enter image description hereI need help with Google Sheets.

Basically, i want to detect the currfent month and display its name and corresponding value on a cell.

this is the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JCApwNgftzR0nCCMh5Uyd_6aX0Z29Kjt0T40Lpu9Puo/edit?usp=sharing

i need to have the 'sales target' displayed automatically based on the current months sales target. Same for the profit. I need to the current months profit automatically updating deppending on which month were on.

Im very new to google sheets, if anyone can help me i would appreciate it a lot.

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I have updated your file with these formulas:

current month name:

=text(today(), "mmmm")

Sales target for the current month:

=Vlookup( eomonth(today(),-1)+1,B11:C,2,false)

Total profit up to the current month:

= sumif(B11:B, "<=" & eomonth(today(),-1)+1, E11:E)

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