I'm trying to create a formula that meets the following conditions:

  • If any of the cells is 0, then just show 0
  • If none of the cells equals 0, then show the lowest number of those cells

So let's say A1 has a value of 2; A5 is 3 and A13 is 0, then I want the formula to show "0". On the other hand, if A1 is 2, A5 is 3 and A13 is 1, I want the formula to show "1".

I think the solution relies on conditional formatting and mincounts, but couldn't find a formula that works. Please keep in mind that I don't want the values to be summed, only to show the lowest value.


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I think that this formula will solve your problem:



p.s.: I don't understand why you brought up conditional formatting, but if instead you wanted to highlight the zero or the minimum of the various values ​​respectively, then you could apply this custom formula to the conditional formatting of the range A1:A


  • Neither of these formulas will work correctly because the if() will only evaluate A1 and ignore the rest of column A. Jul 30 at 8:33
  • you are right, I stand corrected
    – Daniele
    Jul 30 at 9:16
  • Thanks, this worked perfectly! Jul 31 at 13:01

The min() function automatically skips blank cells and text strings. Assuming that no number is negative, you can simply use this:


  • Thanks, this worked, this was much simpler than I thought. Jul 31 at 13:01

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