I have tried to sign up for a new account on gmx.com, but the site behaves strangely, leading me to a page in GMX support site. Firefox, my default browser, has strict settings for privacy and the uBlock origin extension. But, I have also tried the process of registering over Chrome, where I have no protections or extensions. I get the same result. Finally, I am using Pi-Hole DNS, installed as a local service in a container, which also does some ad blocking.

When I press the "Sign up", or "Register free account" button, instead of getting a form, where I would fill in my details (I can see this should happen in this video), I get the Help Center page. Of course I cannot do anything from this page.

I have found no similar issue searching the web, except some notions, in similar problems, about browser cookies and ad blocking extensions.

Any help is appreciated!

  • It appears, GMX may need to (not clear) install an extension on chrome: chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gmx-go-f%C3%BCr-chrome/… I will quit trying to sign up with GMX, at this point. I wanted something secure for my privacy; not something that will intervene on how I setup my preferences on the broser (and report back to GMX).
    – kavadias
    Aug 1 at 10:17


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