In addition to adding channels via your Roku device, Roku also allows you to add channels by logging into your account on their website. I like this, because you can add channels to all of your devices at once instead of adding the channel on each device individually.

However, on their website, I see no way to delete channels from all devices. I'm trying to:

  1. List All Channels I've Already Installed
  2. Remove Channels I no longer want (from all devices at once).

Is this possible to accomplish via their Website? Also, I didn't have enough points to tag this with roku as a label. If you do, please add that tag to my question.

  • This support article discusses the removal of channels from the Roku Store, but the instructions are via device instead of via their website. Aug 1 at 4:38
  • This same question has been posted to Roku's community support page. Aug 1 at 9:12


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