Looking at one of my Google accounts, I got an email saying Google account storage full.

Google drive showed as 99%-100%

I figure it's related to the fact that I recall on one of my phones, it askedd me if I want to back up photos, and asked me about whether I wanted to compress them, and I said yes to back them up and no to compressing them('cos I was wary of it messing with the photos as they were on the phone), and I gave that email account.

I downloaded all that was on Google Drive and deleted it all, and it said something like Google Drive is 80% full. Even though there were no longer any files showing on Google Drive.

I then downloaded Google Drive Desktop from https://support.google.com/drive/answer/7329379#zippy=%2Cdownload-install-google-drive-for-desktop to see if that made it more clear and it said my storage was full and gave this link


enter image description here

So I see the culprit is google photos as I suspected. And it gave a link to it here


Many videos and photos going back a few years.

But I see no List View

enter image description here

If there was a List View then there'd be a chance for me to try to highlight them all so as to download them.

I suppose I could try https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/3024190 so, https://takeout.google.com/ the exporting feature. And deselect all and then only select Photos and click expo rt.

I'm wondering if there was a list view for Google Photos which might make it easy to select all?


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