I want to be able to make a Mac OS alias or symlink linking a file from one part of some cloud storage solution to another folder in the same cloud storage solution.

Example: Cloud Storage-- folder A contains file x folder B contains file y which is an alias/symlink to file x

I want this to work through the web and locally on my and other people's desktop representations of the storage (Mac or PC) that I've shared with them. This is not doable in DropBox. This is doable through the Google Drive API but only if I use their "shortcuts" feature through the website, but in neither case can I just do it on my desktop with OS aliases or symlinks. And I'd rather not have to code something from scratch with the Google API or go through their web interface.

Does anyone know of any cloud storage solution that has a desktop interface (like DropBox, Box, or GDrive) that also respects OS file aliases/symlinks/shortcuts?


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