How can I add custom fields/properties to a trello card? Any built-in feature? Any ready-to-use free power-up? If now, can I implement this inside my own power-up?

If it's a free-text key/values, okey. But ideally I'd love to set the type of the field to URL.

And even better I'd love to have a small program that deals with the URL display.

Also i'd be idea to able to filter cards in trello by that new field of the card.


I use trello to organize my priorities and day-to-day.

But the source of truth for our company is a CRM.

I usually use a link inside trello, in the main text, to place a backlink, like this:

FollowUp backlink in Trello

I want to know if there's any way (free power-up or whatever) that allows me to add "fields / properties" to my cards in Trello and add a field keyed "FollowUp" that is of type "URL".

Still better would be a mini-program that takes the field as an ID and displays the full-URL so if ever one day the base-URL changes, all the cards are automatically displaying the new URL based on a new configuration and a field value.

Having that inside the text is okey. But having a specific field and being able to "filter out" cards in function of the fields like "search all cards with tag abcdef which do not have the backlink URL setup" would be amazing.

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The way to do this which would work with your own API requests to Trello would be to use custom fields. However, you need to be on a paid Trello plan for that to work. If you don't want to pay the $5 a month for that you can't use custom fields.

There is an overview of custom fields here https://www.bluecatreports.com/blog/trello-custom-fields-how-to-and-examples/ if you are unfamiliar with them :)

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