I have a Google Document with numbered references. Reference numbers point to some figure, as it is typical in patent application. E.g.:

FIG. 1 shows an example of a system for natural language processing according to aspects of the present disclosure. The example shown includes user 100, user device 105, acronym definition network 110, cloud 155, and database 160. In some embodiments, acronym definition network 110 includes input sequence encoder 115, long form encoder 120, scoring component 125, long form selection component 130, sample collection component 135, training component 140, processor unit 145, and memory unit 150. In some embodiments, the components and functions of the acronym definition network 110 are located on the user device 105.

Fig. 1 (cropped, see full image here):

enter image description here

In case I have to change add one number, e.g. 100 (adding a new 100 box in the figure), how can I configure Google Document to automatically shift all other numbers (old 100 becomes 105, 105 becomes 110, etc.)?

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Currently, it is not possible to configure Google Document to automatically shift all other numbers when one's change/add a number. There is no built-in feature implementing that functionality.

  • There is no built-in feature, but it has a built-in extensions mechanism: Google Apps Script. Click Extensions > App Script. If the document hasn't had a bounded Apps Script project, it will bind one, then the document owner and editors might use the Document Service and the Advanced Document Service to automate things. Jul 17, 2023 at 15:54

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