I'm using numbers to categorize items in a list, each with a $ amount.

Column A has a number, 1-15, depending on the item in column B. Column C has the cost of the item in column B.

I want to find the total cost of all the items with the number 1, same for number 2, and so on.


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Use a Pivot Table - this tool is designed to solve just such tasks



You could try query() in this way:

=QUERY(B2:C,"select B, sum(C) where B is not null group by B label B 'item'")



Assuming your data is in A2:C with a header row on top of it in row 1, use query() like this:

=query(A1:C, "select A, sum(C) where A is not null group by A", 1)

The 1 specifies the number of header rows.


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