I am looking for a way easily to queue up several videos into the "watch it later" playlist. I want something better then simply visiting the page for each video, and manually clicking the "Add to" button.

My current workflow is: browse through a list of videos in Google Reader, click the link to open the videos I want to watch in a new tab, for each opened video I click the "Add to" button, and then once I have queued up the videos I am interested in, I watch them.

I have lots of spare programmable keys on my keyboard, so if there is a hotkey assigned to the add to button, or if a hotkey could be added via user script, that would be good.

I have a mouse gesture plugin that permits me to execute JavaScript, which basically executes as if I had called a bookmarklet. So a simple bookmarklet to add the current video to the playlist would be an improvement.

It would be even better, if someone could suggest a method to add a video to a playlist directly while I am viewing the feed in Google Reader. I would be very happy if I could completely skip the step of opening the page for the video, and directly add something to the playlist from within Google Reader.

I subscribe to channel/user feeds using a URLs like these:

New videos for a user
New favorites for a user
New uploads for a user

Example: http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/base/users/sourcefed/uploads?alt=rss&v=2&orderby=published&client=ytapi-youtube-profile

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