I have a script that automatically adds a new row to Tab 2 when a row is added on Tab 1. However I want my formulas on Tab 2 to autofill into the row that is added. Here is my formula:


Trying to autofill into B2:B, but this didn't work with any of the ArrayFormulas I tried to make. How would I do this?

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AND() is not compatible with ArrayFormulas, you need to find another calculation. Furthermore we cannot use COUNT() because otherwise we would obtain a value that is always valid even if there was an asterisk in a single cell of column O, In its place we will use REGEXMATCH()

Try this:

  • thank you so much, this almost worked! i was using countif "*" to see if the cell was text because I didn't realize the istext function existed. For some reason your regexmatch does not work, but I replaced it with istextO2:O and that works perfectly! thank you!! :)
    – dea
    Commented Aug 25, 2022 at 20:52

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