I have a column that holds the month number(1....60) I want in another column to indicate what the number "1" is (in this case January 2023) I need a formula to look at a column, if the number is "1" return the date Jan 2023 to another column, same row. to help I have two columns listed with the reference between number and date...i.e month 1=Jan 2023, month 2=February 2023...and on for 5 years. In summary Row 23 column F equals "1" I want the physical month and year in A 23 At the bottom of the sheet I have columns like this: date number jan 2023 1 Feb 2023 2 ...and so on... I need help. Mike

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Given that "jan 2023" is not a date (1 jan 2023 is a date) and assuming that cell A2 contains that value as the starting date, you can get the desired result by entering this formula in cell B2:


note that column B must be formatted as a date and that there is no need for any other helper columns

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