I live in China and use WeChat to read 公众号 posts (kind of like a WeChat blog for companies, organizations, etc.). Their raw URLs are often of formidable length, such as


for this link. However, I've seen posts linked to using shorter URLs, such as:


for this link.

There's no obvious "share" button on these pages. Googling How do I get a short URL for WeChat posts? doesn't give the answer for 公众号 posts.

Question: How do I get a short URL for WeChat 公众号 posts?

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I figured out how I can do it on my iPhone. Open the page in WeChat:

screenshot of opening the page in WeChat

and click the ellipsis. This pops up a menu, where you click the link icon (in blue I redact my WeChat friends' info):

screenshot of the link icon in WeChat

This "copies" the short URL, and you can "paste" it elsewhere:

screenshot of the link copied prompt

For this example, the short URL is https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/jba5bixw2Me09YHjqqEZUw which links to here.

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