this is my first question ever. I'm trying to check the ins and outs of money on an account, and where the money came and went. For this, I made something like this: Sample of the diary book in green, the account list in yellow and the cash book in red.

I'm looking for a function that reads the account, in the diary book, and if the accounts is one in an interval(leaving in this case assets outside), it prints in the cash book the date, account, and money in or out. To clarify, my intended result will be the red table C8:G10

  • I'm having trouble understanding what you want to do. What was the logic used to generate the new table? I see that the only difference between the two tables is that inventory entry is missing but don't understand why? Oct 8 at 19:28

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I understand your desire to do everything yourself. However, judging by your first question, this process can take a lot of time and effort.

Maybe it will be much easier for you to use a ready-made template? Create your own spreadsheet based on, for example, Monthly Budget and customize it to your liking.

Create Sheet From Template

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