So I am fetching some data using ImportJSON, it's a transaction history search from BSCSCAN, I get the data into my sheet and I want to separate my buys and sells. One column has an output like this...

swapETHForExactTokens(uint256 amountOut, address[] path, address to, uint256 deadline)

This is a buy using BNB, I want to find all of these, then add up the numbers from another column.


So I want to look through column V find all the buys that used BNB and then add up all the corresponding amounts from column K.

I'm using this...


I have tried many variations, trying different wild cards and such but no luck, it always returns 0, I have tried using SUMIF on another sheet with some basic data that I entered and it works fine, so my only thought is that it doesn't like the data format coming in from the JSON call?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Definitely something to do with the data, I tried this... As you can see, in row 11 I just hardcoded to data, that was seen by SUMIF.

enter image description here


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Try this:

=sum(filter(K2:K21, regexmatch(V2:V21, "swapETHForExactTokens")))



The point is that you are trying to match part of the string, hence regexmatch or the wildcard asterisks in the sumif.

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