I am just wondering that, is it safe to use your primary google account details to sign in into 3rd party apps like reeder?

If it is safe then how exactly that authentication works. I am sure they are not using OpenID because I checked the applications that I gave access to and this app was not listed there.

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Authentication and Authorization for Google APIs has the basics of their mechanism.
It seems, you now need to do a two-factor authentication on reeder.

Here is a recent metafilter thread on trusting 3rd-party apps with login info.


If you're typing your password into a 3rd party application/website you have to trust them with it.. OpenID is when you log in to a third-party site via a redirect to Google (you're entering the password only into Google's web-page).

Perhaps you can create another Google Account and import your feeds into it.

  • I am trusting them but I am just curious to know how is that working. I am sure they are not using OAuth either because according to the OAuth docs I am not getting asked by Google to approve access to the application.
    – Amit Vaghela
    Commented Jun 29, 2011 at 4:37

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