I have a google sheet of 25k plus telephone records. The sheet has the phone numbers broken down so I have a single column (Column L) that has all the area codes dialed. I am trying to search that column for all the area codes from a single state which are listed in another column (Column O). I have tried a couple of COUNTIFS based on web searches but all simply return 1 as the count instead of an expected 12,689.

I tried the following: =COUNTIFS(L2:L25676,O2:O24) The first range is the range of area codes, second is range of state area codes.

I also tried: =COUNTIFS(L2:L25676,{"239","305","321","324","352","386","407","448","561","645","656","689","727","728","754","772","786","813","850","863","904","941","954"})

And this": =SUM(COUNTIFS(L2:L25676,{"239","305","321","324","352","386","407","448","561","645","656","689","727","728","754","772","786","813","850","863","904","941","954"}))

Any and all advise is greatly appreciated. I am certain at this point I am misusing the COUNTIFS function.

  • Welcome! Please try =ArrayFormula(SUM(COUNTIF(L2:L,O2:O)))
    – JohnSUN
    Sep 13, 2022 at 16:15

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Try the filter(match()) pattern, like this:

=counta( iferror( filter(L2:L, match(L2:L, O2:O, 0)) ) )

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