I have a Google Sheet with a cell (let's say its M4) that is a dropdown list that I created by:

  1. Selecting the cell
  2. Selecting Data >> Data validation >> Criteria >> List of items
  3. Providing a comma-delimited list of values (RED,BLUE,GREEN)
  4. Selecting Save

I am know trying to write a conditional formula for another cell (let's say its N4) based on the value selected of this M4 cell:

  • if M4 is RED then I want the value of N4 to be 35
  • else I want N4 to be 25

So I select N4 enter =if(M4=='RED',35,25) and click Enter.

I get #ERROR as the N4 value and when I mouseover it I see:


Formula parse error.

Where am I going awry?

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Change your formula in N4 to:


Spreadsheets don't differentiate between assignment and comparison so everything only needs a single equals, plus strings require double quotes, not single quotes.

  • Thank you, oh mighty God ofBiscuits! Sep 17, 2022 at 0:36

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