I want to change my country in Gmail. I originally set up my Gmail in Spain but moved back to the UK. It is showing both my Gmail and Play Store as Spain.

I used the following advice:


I didn't get an option to change the country. None of the following apply:

You may not see this option if:

  • You've changed your country within the last year - I haven't
  • You aren’t currently in a new country. This is based on your IP address - definitely in the UK
  • You’re part of a Google Play Family Library - Haven't set one up

How else can I change the country?

  • Can you tell please - did you find a solution?
    – Petr
    Commented Dec 23, 2023 at 15:04

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I think that help is incorrect.

  1. Click on the grid pattern and select Account
  2. Select Payments and Subscriptions
  3. Click on Manage Payment Methods
  4. Select Addresses tab
  5. You may have to enter a payment method as well (I don't remember, but I do have different cards assigned to each account)

It is a nuisance that you can't change it often. I ended up having 5 accounts for different countries that I need it for. All are registered on my mobile and I simply change the account as necessary.

  • Thanks Rohit, I have set the profile and added a payment method all for the UK as you have directed. When I try to buy extra storage it is still trying to charge me in Euros. On the play store, under settings/general/account and device preferences the country is still Spain, and I can't change from Spain to UK. Commented Sep 21, 2022 at 19:57

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