I teach a middle school robotics class and we do an inventory check every six weeks to make sure that all the pieces are there. I would like to track over different class periods how the inventory is going. I would like to write a script that would allow me to click a button to lock down all columns across all sheets except for the column that I want students to edit.

In other words, during 1st period the only column that students could edit is column G. Then I click a button/icon at the end of class and that column is locked.

I then click another button/icon and only 2nd period (column H) is open. I then click it to lock down again.

I know that I could do this by clicking protect cells but I am trying to find a more efficient way.

Here is the spreadsheet:


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May I suggest that you are over-complicating things.

  • You have a spreadsheet that will serve as a template.
  • In each of the "bucket" sheets,
    • delete contents of "G1:M1", "G23:M23", "G32:M32", "G41:M41", "G67:M67", "G76:M76", "G85:M85", "G98:M98", "G107:G107"
    • Cell G1, G23,G32,G41,G67,G76,G95,G98,G107 = "Actual Counted"
  • Each time you want to do a stocktake,
    • make a copy of the "template'
    • name the new spreadsheets for the "period" group AND the date. For example, "Period 1_ 202201112_22-23 Spike Inventory Stocktake"
    • when these files are saved, they will sort by "period" and then by date.
  • Conditional formatting
    • if you wish, you could use conditional formatting to highlight cells to stocktake, and some results such as "=expected qty","<>expected qty", and "negative"

Sample conditional formatting


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