Is there a way that when you put a check in a checkbox it will show number values in two separate cells? I'm creating an assessment that will have 20 questions, each question will have 2 or 3 choices (checkbox). Each choice (checkbox) will have 2 numbers that are in two separate columns. Those two columns will be totaled at the bottom of the assessment in their respective columns.

  • When I put =A108*6 in the H108 cell, it changes the 6 to a 0. Then I linked the checkbox in A108 to H108, check the box and it changes H108 from 0 to TRUE. Then when I unchecked the box, it changes to FALSE.
    – John
    Sep 23, 2022 at 0:02

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I hope this helps to understand the sequence of actions to solve your problem:

Set numbers to checkbox value

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