I am looking for a formula I can put into Google Sheets that finds the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd largest values in column B, but only for rows that also contain the number 1 in column A. Problem is, column A does have some blank cells, which I can not fill in.

1 1 $1,000
2 $2,000
3 1 $3,000
4 1 $4,000

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  • Use FILTER to capture only the values in Column B that have an associated number in Column A.
  • Use LARGE with the filtered data to get the 1st, 2nd and 3rd biggest numbers

e.g.: This formula in cell E2 =Large(filter($B$2:$B$5,$A$2:$A$5<>""),D2) where cell D2 contains a value of 1




I prefer to use a query and get all 3 results directly with:

=ifna(query(A2:B,"select B where A = 1 order by B desc limit 3"))




The SORTN function returns the first n items in a data set after performing a sort.
SORTN(range, [n], [display_ties_mode], [sort_column1, is_ascending1], ...)

SORTN Formula with FILTER

SORTN is applied to the array returned by a FILTER function.


Nested SORTN Formula

SORTN is applied to an array returned by a nested SORTN function.


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