How can I schedule a Reddit comment, similar to how you can schedule email and tweet sending on Gmail and Twitter,[1][2] respectively?

According to multiple sources,[1] [2] [3] [4] you can schedule Reddit posts to send at a later time. Can you do it with comments too? If so, then how?


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Tl;Dr: It's not possible using built-in features only.

Reddit regular users are not able to schedule posts using the built-in features. The Reddit User Help Center doesn't include any mention of "scheduling posts" (tried several word variants). The article How do I post on Reddit? doesn't mention how to schedule a post. There is not help article about how to add a comment.

Reddit moderators are able to schedule posts. For details see Scheduled and recurring posts. This help article doesn't mention that comments could be scheduled.

You might use third party apps for Reddit or apps like Zappier, Make.com, etc.

For those with programming skills or interest, an interesting thing to consider is to join the Reddit Developer Platform. See Coming Soon: Reddit Developer Platform. On the sign up form for the waiting list you will be asked what do you want to develop. You might mention that you want ot develop an app to schedule comments.


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It is not currently possible to schedule posts or comments on Reddit in advance. Reddit does not have a built-in feature for scheduling posts or comments, and there are no third-party tools that offer this functionality.

If you want to post or comment on Reddit at a later date, you will need to do so manually by visiting the site and creating the post or comment at the desired time.


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