I have a simple spreadsheet with an absence calendar (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PfuGPIyWawiBE2Czz9_PPKFk59Vn9eNUF2PFiXu2Wu8/edit?usp=sharing) that shows me if a person is absent today. I also want to see the date when each person comes back. How can I find a next empty cell in a row and get the day (first row) from the column with the empty cell?

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I came with this solution


The logic is that it concatenates all the columns into one text string separated by ";". It then finds the first instance of ";;" which is the first empty space. It then transforms this location into counts and index it at the dates row.

You might need to change some ";" to "," in your spreadsheet depending on your location


A modified solution based on yours when the length of values are not constant:

=index(B1:1;0;LEN(REGEXREPLACE(LEFT(JOIN(";"; B2:2);FIND(";;";JOIN(";"; B2:2)));"[^;]";""))+1)


  • LEFT(JOIN(";"; B2:2);FIND(";;";JOIN(";"; B2:2))) convert the columns to ; separated string, and keep the part before first ;; (blank cell)
  • REGEXREPLACE({above}; "[^;]";"") remove all non-; characters
  • Count number of ;s with LEN

Needed a formula that could figure out the sum of a list of numbers in the same column below the current cell up to the next blank cell, came up with this, I know this is an old post but I hope it helps someone else:


Broken down:


[ $A$1 ]

Current cell's address

SEARCH("$", [ $A$1 ] ,2)

[ 3 ]

Position in cell address of second "$" (starts at position "2" to ignore the first "$")

Note: this is to account for the column having 2 or more letters, for example if you put this formula in cell $AA$1 it will return "4" instead of "3"

LEFT( [ $A$1 ] , [ 3 ] -1)

[ $A ]

Text left of second "$" in current cell's address


[ $A$2 ]

Address of cell below current cell

ARRAYFORMULA(INDIRECT( [ $A$2 ] &":"& [A] ))

[ $A$2:$A ]

Array from cell below current cell to bottom of sheet



Array with each cell converted to "FALSE" if it contains anything or "TRUE" if it's blank, then joined into a text string

((FIND("TRUE", [ FALSEFALSE... ] )-1)/5)

[ 10 ]

The position directly before ("-1") the first instance of "TRUE" in the text string divided by 5 (the number of letters in "FALSE")


[ $A$11 ]

Address of cell directly above next blank cell in column

SUM(ARRAYFORMULA(INDIRECT( [ $A$2 ] &":"& [ $A$11 ] )

[ SUM($A$2:$A$11) ]

Sum of all cells below current cell up to next blank cell

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