I have 2 sheets in a spreadsheet, 1 which is the list of all the words / definitions, like this:

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And another that is a bunch of derived words, like this:

enter image description here

In the derived word sheet, I would like for it to place in the C column the "custom" word, plus the word "trut". Like {custom} trut. It pulls custom by using column B in the derivative sheet as a key to lookup the row in the main sheet. Then from the main sheet, it pulls the corresponding custom column value.

How can this be done? I know how to implement basic formulas, but not sure how to accomplish the templating, and how to use the input as a key.

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Enter this formula in Cell C2 of the "derived words" sheet. It will automatically populate any matched words, and will display "not found" (you can change this) if a match can't be found.

=iferror(arrayformula(vlookup(B2:B8,{definitions!D2:D,definitions!C2:C},2,false)&" trut"),"not found")

  • The "range" for VLOOKUP is expressed as an array. This enables the formula to return a value to the left of the search column).

    • Reference: Using arrays in Google Sheets.
    • Normally the "range" in VLOOKUP is one or more adjacent/contiguous columns; the left-most column contains the search key and the "index" references the column number containing the value to return - this is a column to the right of the lookup column. BUT, in this question, we need to lookup a value in Column D and then return the value in Column C (to the left).
    • To do this, we create our own array by using brackets { }. The array consists of two columns: C & D but we reverse the order =>: `{definitions!D2:D,definitions!C2:C}.
    • VLOOKUP searches the first column (Column D) for the "search key" and returns the value from Column C.
  • &" trut" is the method to add "trut" to the value returned by VLOOKUP.

  • arrayformula - used to apply the formula to all the derived values in column C.

  • IFERROR - a troubleshooting method to avoid an error.

  • Works like a charm, can you explain more what is happening with the vlookup method? Also, how do I show it blank (or not found) without "trut" if col D is present but col C is not?
    – Lance
    Sep 29, 2022 at 19:42
  • Try this: =iferror(arrayformula(vlookup(B2:B8,{definitions!D2:D,definitions!C2:C},2,false)),"not found"). On a tangent, the derived words can be easily compiled from the definitions using a formula. For example, a QUERY.
    – Tedinoz
    Sep 30, 2022 at 7:23

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