On the top rows are some groups that each agent is assigned. What I want is to use some kind of tool or formula that can display columns of those agents that have the desired groups. For example, if I want to look for agents that are in the A-team group, I want it to display only the data of Agent B, Agent C and Agent D. Also if it can exclude the ones that are either OFF or on PTO.


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The Data > Create a filter feature only filters by rows and not by columns.

You may want to use a filter() formula to show in a separate table the rows and columns that match your criteria.

To get started, you can filter columns so that only the A-Team shows like this:

=filter(F11:J, len(F8:J8))

Put the formula in row 11 in a free area of the sheet.

To only show rows that are on a particular date, wrap the formula in another filter(). To leave out agents that are OFF or PTO on that date, wrap the formula in yet another filter().

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