I have a sheet that I am trying to get an If statement to work. Col B is our hidden stock column and we have three variables that need to be return in COL C:

  1. It has a quantity of 0-9 so the stock shows the exact number in that column
  2. It has a quantity of 10 or more so it shows 10+
  3. It is a product that has moved to a new model year sheet so it needs to return the test in the colum

So if Col B has stock of 8, Col C returns 8. Col B has stock of 11, Col C returns 10+. Col B has See 2023, Col C returns 2023.

Here are my two test formulas: =IF(B2<=9,B2,"10+") =IF(B3="see 2023",B3,B3)

enter image description here

I can not figure out how to combine them.

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A quick and easy way of chaining IF functions is to nest them together.

=IF(B2="see 2023",B2,IF(B2<=9,B2,"10+"))

You can try using an OR function to combine the conditions.

=IF(OR(B2="see 2023", B2 <=9), B2, "10+"))

This is the answer that was referred to me:


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