I have two columns of data, one column will have either "cc" or "cash" in each cell, the second column will have $amounts. I am trying to have it automatically know whether each dollar amount is associated with "cc" "cash" other words, whether "cc" or "cash" is in the cell next to the amount. I then would like it to fill the totals from "cash" and "cc" into specified cells.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Assume column A has "cc" or "cash", and column B has the $amount.

To pull the total of B2, only if the value of A2 is "cash", do =if(A2="cash",B2,"").

If you wanted it only for "cc", =if(A2="cc",B2,"").

If you wanted it for either "cc" and "cash", =if(OR(A2="cc", A2="cash"),B2,"").

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