In my sheet, Column G will either indicate "LIKE Submission" or "Incident Referral." Columns D-E-F list different names (one per row). I want to tally the number of unique names where the row contains "Incident Referral" for Column G and there are NO instances of "LIKE Submission."

This is a sample of my data:enter image description here

Thus far, I've attempted =COUNTUNIQUEIFS(Referrals!D:D, Referrals!E:E, Referrals!F:F, Referrals!G17:G, "Incident Referral", Referrals!G17:G, "<>*LIKE Submission*"), but the result doesn't check out what I expect to obtain from my test.

In the example on the image above, I would expect the result to evaluate to 1 (i.e. only "Stark, Tony" has an "Incident Referral" AND no "LIKE Submission").All help will be well received!

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Use query() with an { array expression } to get the relevant data, another query() to get unique names in those interim results, and finally rows() to calculate the number of unique names, like this:

          { G2:G, D2:D & E2:E & F2:F }, 
          "select Col1, count(Col1) 
           where Col1 = 'Incident Referral' or Col1 = 'LIKE Submission' 
           group by Col1 pivot Col2", 0 
      "where Col2 >= 1 and Col3 is null", 0 

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