I am trying to have the same updated values in two differents sheets of google spreadsheet.

So when I edit sheet1, the the values in sheet2 got updated. Also the opposite: when I edit something in sheet2, values in sheet 1 updates automatically.

My belief was that it's not possible because is a circular reference, but actually I found an answer on Stack Overflow solving it by coding with VBA of Microsoft Excel, so maybe it would be possible to do something similar by coding with Apps Scripts of Google Sheets. Unfortunately it requires coding on Apps Script, and I'm not a programmer.

So I wonder if that's possible without coding:

My best solution so far is using this formula (on Sheet2):

=QUERY('Sheet1'!$A$3:$BK$1003,"SELECT * WHERE AZ = 1 or BA = 1 or BB = 1",1)

Using it, data of sheet1 is shown in sheet 2, but I cannot edit sheet2. I mean: it's only to view, not to edit as I'd like.

I do not know about coding... So I am looking for a solution without coding. Is that possible?

  • Two-way sync is against the operating principle of most spreadsheet software. See The Spreadsheet Value Rule. You can do it with an onEdit(e) script, but there are usually much better ways to achieve underlying real-world goals. Make sure you are not asking an XY question. Oct 16, 2022 at 8:44
  • 1
    You hit the nail on the head @doubleunary. We made it with "Filter views" by adding the OR formula to a column, and filtering by that column.
    – chelder
    Oct 22, 2022 at 13:00


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