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I am keeping track of quiz questions in a Google Spreadsheet. In order to generate question statistics I also keep track of some metadata about each theme in a different sheet. Finally, I want to show theme metadata statistics grouped by each quiz in a different sheet. All data is manually entered, except for the numbers which I want to be generated from a formula. Consider the following:

Sheet name: "Quiz 1"

Theme Question Answer
Super Mario What is Mario's occupation? Plumber
Call of Duty What is Soap's real name? John MacTavish
Tunic What animal is the player? A fox

Sheet name: "Themes"

Theme Popularity
Super Mario Well-known
Call of Duty Well-known
Tunic Unknown

Sheet name: "Stats"

Popularity Quiz #1
Unknown 1
Well-known 2

What is a formula/function I can use to calculate the numbers in the stats sheet?

Edit: Alternatively, would it be easier to group/structure the data differently?

  • Question is unclear. You can Improve it by adding column and row references to your examples and giving a name to each table, then letting us know what a calculation would do. e. g. In table 3, column 2 I want to calculate how many times value x shows up in table 2 column 4 where it also equals the value in table 1 column 1 but is greater than 7.
    – Blindspots
    Oct 17, 2022 at 15:23

1 Answer 1

  • each table in its own sheet
  • each table starts at cell A1
  • sheet names : "Quiz 1", "Quiz 2", "Stats"
# In sheet "Stats":

         A                   B              
   1 | Popularity |         Quiz #2              |
   2 | Unknown    | =COUNTIF('Quiz 1'!$B$2:B,A2) |
   3 | Well-known | =COUNTIF('Quiz 1'!$B$2:B,A3) |
  • Sorry for the confusion. I made an edit to hopefully make it more clear.
    – Godspark
    Oct 19, 2022 at 21:45

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