I would like to hide column C called Type because the input field should always be the same. I know how to hide column C, but I also need column C to always fill with the word Retail so that it fulfills the rules of sending data over to other spreadsheets. So the question is how do I make column C for Type default to the word Retail when we have data on the rest of the row. Once I figure this rule out I can just hide column C of the spreadsheet called Retail. Link below.


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IF Function

You can use an IF function to return Retail or NULL (or any values you choose) depending on weather or not conditions are met.

=IF(logical_expression, value_if_true, value_if_false)

Two examples that check for data in a cell:

  1. Cell D1
    If there is data anywhere in the range A1:C1
  2. Cell D2
    If there is data in every column of the range A2:C2
      A B C             D
   1 | | | | =IF(COUNTA(A1:C1),"Retail","")                | 
   2 | | | | =IF(COUNTA(A2:C2)=COLUMNS(A2:C2),"Retail","") | 

You can add this formula ONLY in the first cell of column C: If you want "Retail" to appear when A or B are filled use this formula::


If you want "Retail" to appear when A and b are filled use this formula:


All the column will be populated by this single cell formula ;)

  • PS: if you need it to start in the second row, just change A1 with A2, and B1 with B2, for example!
    – Martín
    Oct 26, 2022 at 23:15

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