I am trying to nest the following if statements PART ONE is: =IF(ISBLANK(E2),"",IF((TODAY()-$A2)>=7,IF(REGEXMATCH($I2,"ORDERED|ordered|order number|PO#|PO|purchase order|po|p.o"),"Request Ordered",$E2&" Requested Not Ordered"),"")) based upon a number of conditions: 1st cell e2 is populated then the date in a2 must be greater than or equal to 7days. If these conditions are met then I need to combine this additional if condition in the nest: =IF(ISBLANK(J3),"Request Ordered","Request Order Complete") However, when I combine them I get the word false in cell m2) where I need to make this work.


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Use ifs(), like this:

  today() - $A2 < 7, 
  regexmatch($I2, "(?i)ordered|order number|purchase order|p.o|\bpo\b"), 
    if( isblank(J3), "Request Ordered", "Request Order Complete" ), 
    $E2 & " Requested Not Ordered" 
  • I am using Google sheets. Will this formula work there? Oct 20, 2022 at 20:39
  • 1
    Yes. It is a Google Sheets formula. Oct 21, 2022 at 6:11

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