I'm working on an Appsheet App where members gives LIKES to other members posts. The idea is to bring together 5+ likes between them to indicate things they have in common. I have a couple of expressions but it's been a challenge bringing them together. However, on the backend in google sheets, I was able to bring everything together through a series of UNIQUE and COUNTIFS formulas. That seems to work well, except for the very last step of eliminating the duplicates so that I can add the numeric LIKES across rows. It might be easier than I'm making it out to be, but I saw a post on here I thought would help but it's not really what I think I need.

So, in the attached image, I've summarized the result I'm looking for. It should be self explanatory, but if you need more info, please let me know. I put the Xs there to show the removal of the duplicates, but in the end they can be left blank.

Appreciate any and all feedback.

Thank you 🙏

Remove Repeated Row

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Use filter() and match(), like this:

      regexreplace(H2:H & I2:I, "[^\w]", ""), 
      regexreplace(I2:I & H2:H, "[^\w]", ""), 

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