What is the keyboard shortcut to insert a horizontal rule (horizontal line across the page) in a Google Doc?

I tried looking on the Google Docs Keyboard Shortcuts (for PC) webpage, but they didn't list one for horizontal rule.

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Horizontal Line Keyboard Shortcut

  • Win     alt+i then press r
  • Mac     ctrl+option+i then press r


  • Win     alt+i
    Mac     ctrl+option+i
    Opens the "Insert" menu
  • r selects the "HoRizontal line" option from the "Insert" menu

How can I find other shortcuts?

Using the same approach, you can open other menus and note what letter is underlined for each option in the list. Note that menu options only include underlined letters if you open the menu from a keyboard shortcut. If you open a menu using your mouse, the underlines are absent.

Menu Shortcuts
                                Win                  Mac

  • File            alt+f         ctrl+option+f
  • Edit            alt+e        ctrl+option+e
  • View            alt+v        ctrl+option+v
  • Insert        alt+i         ctrl+option+i
  • Format        alt+o        ctrl+option+o
  • Tools          alt+t         ctrl+option+t
  • Extensions alt+n        ctrl+option+n
  • Help            alt+h        ctrl+option+h

See: Keyboard shortcuts for Google Docs https://support.google.com/docs/answer/179738


If the keyboard shortcuts do not work, check that you have your insertion point in the document (click in the page), and also insure you don't have another chrome extension (or program) interfering.


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