Which language format should I choose in the Google Docs Extension "Code Blocks"

enter image description here

to get the Logging query language

The Logging query language syntax can be thought of in terms of queries and comparisons. A query is a string containing an expression

that is used in the Query window of GCP logs?

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With the example:

"String1" AND "String2"

that shall get the same colour ranges as in the GCP query editor.

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I went through most of the items that caught my eyes, and the most suitable seems to be php language since it marks the booleans and strings in a way how you see it in the GCP query editor.

php/auto: enter image description here

swift: enter image description here

Though swift could get a try if you like another colour setting, php is more likely the default that should be taken since it is the same as choosing "auto", and it "php" is just a classic.

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