In a Google Sheets workbook, I have a sheet named Tax Codes and Rates containing a tax table with the following 4 columns: County ,  Municipality or County ,  Location Code ,  Rate

Sample Lookup Data

Sheet: 'Tax Codes and Rates'

1 County Municipality or County Location Code Rate
2 Bernalillo Santolina TID District 20 02-640 6.31%
3 Bernalillo Upper Petroglyphs TID District 1 02-607 6.31%
4 Catron Reserve 28-130 7.88%
5 Curry Remainder of County 05-005 6.00%
6 Eddy Artesia 03-205 7.77%
7 Eddy Carlsbad 03-106 7.52%
8 - ? ... ... etc. ... ...

In a separate sheet named DA Template, I want a formula that takes a Location Code as input and returns the Rate from the matching row in the Tax Codes and Rates sheet.

Sample Results

Sheet: 'DA Template'

1 Lookup Value
( Location Code )
Formula Result
( Rate )
2 05-005 6.00%
3 02-607 6.31%
4 03-106 7.52%

Using the sample tables above,

  1. Lookup value 05-005 located in 'DA Template'!A2 matches 'Tax Codes and Rates'!C5'
  2. Formula in 'DA Template'!B2 returns 6.00% the value from Rate in the same row: 'Tax Codes and Rates'!D5'

What formula would automatically return the Rate based on the Location Code?

Sample Google Sheets Workbook

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Perfect use case for the VLOOKUP function.

=VLOOKUP(A2, 'Tax Codes and Rates'!C2:D35, 2, FALSE)

The accepted answer works well. I show a couple of alternatives below as well as VLOOKUP Single-Formula which extends the approach in the accepted answer to calculate the results for multiple rows.


=FILTER('Tax Codes and Rates'!D$2:D$35,
   'Tax Codes and Rates'!C$2:C$35=A2)


=INDEX('Tax Codes and Rates'!D$2:D$35,
   MATCH(A2, 'Tax Codes and Rates'!C$2:C$35, 0))

VLOOKUP Single-Formula

VLOOKUP in the accepted answer is well-suited to be extended using the ARRAYFORMULA function so that it returns results for multiple rows using a single formula.

If your lookup values are in A2:A10 you would use a single formula in B2:

   VLOOKUP(A2:A10, 'Tax Codes and Rates'!C2:D35, 2, 0))

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