I'm searching Google Drive for a particular term, but it's brining up many, many files. I know the name of the folder that the file resides in. Can I use it to help search for the file?


For example, suppose the file name is foo, and the directory name is bar, and a search for 'foo' brings up far too many files to manually look through, then I'd like to be able to do something like this:

foo infolder:bar

I tried a few things and nothing I did worked. Also looked at a few articles (example), but couldn't figure it out.

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Search Within Folder

Right-Click Method

In the Google Drive Web App you can right-click on the folder bar and select the menu item Search within bar then put foo as the search term. Optionally, make any other customizations then click SEARCH


Search Options Method

You can alternatively click on the Show search options button. Then, in the search options dialog box, specify bar as the Location and foo 1 as the Item name.

1 A search for foo is equivalent to *foo*. i.e. foo anywhere in the title.

search options dialog

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