I have an issue when adding a line into a sheet where it kicks the drop down dependencies out of order.
Column E is a list of option dependent on the input of column D. All works fine, referencing a master data sheet.
However, when I insert a row into the "Team Activity Recording" tab, it copies the data validation from the above row and throws all subsequent rows out of alignment for the data validation.
EG Row 8 references Row 8 on the data drop down sheet, row 9 references row 9 and so on. If I insert a row above 9, both the new row 9 and row 10 reference row 9 on the data sheet.
I would like to know how I can add and remove rows in the "Team Activity Recording" tab and maintain the correct data validation?

Test Sheet


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Each time you insert or remove a row, you will need to reapply the Data Validation for your dependent lists.

  1. Copy a working range, e.g. D7:E7
  2. Select the entire range, e.g. D7:E21
  3. Paste Validation Only Alt+Shift+E then s then d

The alternative is to use scripting and a trigger to do this for you.

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