I'm struggling with the custom date in Google Sheets.

I would like to set a custom date format that goes day/month/year instead of the default month/day/year.

If I setup this format for my cell in the "custom date" menu and then enter a date (day/month/year) in my cell it switches it around to month/day/year. It seems to force me to enter it first in the default month/day/year order and then it will display in the format that I want.

How can I setup up so I'm also allowed to input the date in day/month/year not just display it that way.

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To have that date format by default you need to act on the locale settings. For example look at the Italian settings:

enter image description here

... and the result of


enter image description here

After changing the setting, each date entered will have the format you requested and can be visually changed with the application's custom formats.

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