I am using a filter function to pull out numbers from a column. I have one function which is grabbing numbers over 101 and it is outputting them perfectly in two vertical cells this formula:

=(filter(J2:J21, J2:J21>=101))

However when I write this same formula for numbers under 101 which is:

=(filter(J2:J21, J2:J21<=101))

it outputs the numbers multiple cells away from each other and the distance matches how far away they were in the original list pulled from.

I find this odd since the only difference is switching the > to a <

Can anyone help me on this? enter image description here enter image description here


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Welcome! Please try =FILTER(J2:J21, (J2:J21<=101)*(J2:J21>0))

or =FILTER(J2:J21, (J2:J21<=101)*(J2:J21<>""))

(empty cells are less than 101, right?)

  • That worked!!! Thank you so much! Dec 5, 2022 at 17:08

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